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Bob Hanley
  • Community Events

    Aragon Wine Tasting
    4-19-19 5:30 pm - Seville Quarter
    Nothing But A Good Time

    Enjoy a free wine tasting! There will be about 6 wines to sample. They will allow us to bring in snacks/appetizers. Please bring something to share and I'll bring dessert

    What's Most Important in Your Life?
    4-19-19 5:30 pm - Seville Quarter
    Art of Relationships

    What is most important in life... to you? If you don't know, this is an opportunity to find out by discovering your core values. They determine your priorities, and, deep down, they're probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning...

    Gallery Night
    4-19-19 5:30 pm - Seville Quarter
    Nothing But A Good Time

    Let's meet at the End Of The Alley Courtyard. There will be live music if you want to dance!Come out and enjoy a relaxing time hanging with other group members, having some drinks and a good time. This is a casual event, you don't have to come at...

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    Find the latest news and updates about the real estate market in Pensacola and surrounding counties in Northwest Florida & Southwest Alabama, as well as the latest developments in REAL ESTATE TODAY.  When you’re ready to buy or sell contact Bob Hanley LLC, Realtor 850-698-1664 Avast Realty, LLC

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